We support the integration

Many North Koreans arrive in their new homes needing support to intergrate and build new lives. Through English classes, study support, and mental health care, we support North Koreans to realise their goals.


Our language programme addresses the language barriers faced by North Koreans in the UK supports new social skills to trigger change for a successful intergration into UK society through 3 steps:

01. Twice-weekly English classes focused on the practical language North Koreans feel they need to prosper in the UK.

02. Weekly meetings with volunteer tutors guided by the needs of the refugees to enable them to practice their new- found skills in practical real-world settings as well as addressing other skills needed by North Korean refugees.

03. Every month, we help cultivate friendshops as language practice for our students through meet-ups, trips to museums, cafes, and parks not only help refugees develop friendships for their social integration but also provide an outlet for their English-language learning.


We work with volunteer tutors to provide homework and help the next generation or North Korean. Daily drop-in sessions allow young North Koreans to access support for completing and topping up school work.


Working alongside a dedicated team of volunteer Korean- speaking mental health professionals, we seek to empower North Koreans to overcome the psychlogical barriers to integration in the UK.

Connect: North Korea
operates three scholarship
opportunities in the UK
for North Koreans to enable
them to build better lives.

Apply Today
Aimed at North Koreans under the age of 18, we provide a scholarship for free for lessons and/or equipment for performing arts, sports, computing, or language arts. Scholarship of up to £1,000 are available.
We provide scholarship for North Koreans over the age of 16 looking to get into vocational employment. This scholarship can be used for living expenses, academic fees, and/or equipment. 'x' number of scholarshops are available for up to £3,000
We provide educational scholarships for North Koreans to study at a tertiary level at an academic institute in the UK. Applications open once a year for scholarshops up to £'x'. Scholarships can be used for living expenses, academic fees, and/or textbooks.

We share the stories

Life in the UK is challenging for North Korean refugees mainly because of the language- barrier. Through regular feature articles, we share how our members of community is overcoming these challenges and intergarte.

We host community events

Our events and community gatherings help to build understanding of North Korean for people in the UK and of life in the UK for North Koreans. Explore and participate in our latest events.