In founding EAHRNK, its members believed that new paths of knowledge were needed to discern how human rights continue to be violated in North Korea and why the efforts of the international community have failed to halt modern history’s most enduring human tragedy.

In defiance of the efforts of European countries, the North Korean government continues to exploit all efforts at engagement. If our engagement sought to transform North Korean society, it has failed.

In pursuit of a new understanding, we look not just to these factors that allow the North Korean government to defy international pressure, but also to the factors that can lead to truly transformational changes in North Korean society. From the jangmadang generation to the calls of the tens of thousands of North Koreans who have escaped their home country, change is possible.

How We Seek To Support Change In North Korea

To forge better understandings of complex issues and offer hope to North Koreans, EAHRNK looks to:

  • Raise awareness of the unprecedented and ongoing human rights violations in North Korea and to highlight how our community can support improvements in human rights.
  • Empower the North Korean people, inside and outside of their country, by providing a platform for their voices and a means for their agency.