Our events seek to empower refugees by providing them with a platform to speak and to support and inform policies that lead to the improvement of human rights in North Korea in three ways: providing practical policy advice, providing informed opinions, and raising awareness on the key issues affecting North Koreans.

Our public events are mainly based on our North Korean Memoirs project, which is a platform for North Korean people to share their unedited and unframed voices. Through targeted on- and offline events, North Korean Memoirs works to build awareness and correct understanding of the complexity and roots of the human rights situation in North Korea. These events also help build bridges of understanding between North Koreans and Westerners.

We work alongside North Korean refugees and non-governmental organisations to encourage a wide discussion. We have held numerous North Korean Memoirs events - ‘Forced Labour in North Korea’, ‘The Trafficking of North Korean Women’, and ‘Disability Rights’ – as well as other events with partner organisations.

Our private events are closed-door meetings focused at policymakers. We give them the opportunity to speak with North Korean exiles directly in order to create change in policy towards the DPRK, which is then supported by EAHRNK's research and policy work.

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