We believe that every North Korean should be entitled to the freedoms, justice and dignity that we enjoy. It is the abuse of these principles that constitutes a human rights crisis in North Korea today.

In North Korea, every one of the thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is violated. In the country, 7,600,000 North Koreans suffer from malnutrition, over 1,000,000 North Koreans have starved to death and up to 120,000 North Koreans are detained in political prison camps.

The Human Rights Crisis

“There were a lot of cases of sexual abuse and rape committed often by senior officers. Normal soldiers would also engage in rape...The rapes were typically covered up, although male comrades would talk about them and some even bragged. It was common knowledge that rapes were taking place”. p.90

"The prisoners were told to get in the hole and remove their clothes...Then someone put their hands in everyone’s vagina and anus to check for money or other valuables. We were all together at this time, males and females. After the body search, we were forced to kneel in a cell on our hands and knees.” p. 117

"If you get pregnant in China, the assumption is that you have been impregnated by a Chinese man, therefore women returning to the DPRK pregnant are subjected to forced abortions" p. 122

"There are these ‘human hunters’ that live around these border areas that target North Korean women. These ‘human hunters’ wait for the women to cross the border and they catch [them] and traffic them in China." p. 136

"I was sold off to a man with disabilities. Despite having a disability, he beat me often...I was locked inside the house for 6 months and did not know where I was...I was expected to sleep in his bed, and have sex from the first day. I begged every time not to have sex, but was beaten when I tried to resist. He used to hit me with anything until I was bruised and bleeding." p. 137

"My [older] sister’s dying wish was to eat noodles, but there was no money to buy even one bowl of noodles. She died in 1997. My younger sister died just one month later. Her dying wish was to eat a slice of bread. My younger brother had been working at the Koowon coal mine from 1995, but he was so weak he was fired. He died of malnutrition on the train on the way back home. I found his body.” p. 151

"I knew I had to survive on my own. So I would eat anything, and I ate lizards, snakes, rats, whether it was reptiles, whatever.… in the springtime, I would eat grass, but if you eat the wrong grass, then you would get poisoned and you would get all the swelling and bloated. I would eat different types of grass and the roots." p. 253

“You are brainwashed … don’t know the life outside. You are brainwashed from the time you know how to talk, about 4 years of age, from nursery school, brainwashing through education, this happens everywhere in life, society, even at home … North Korea is not open to the outside world, is a fenced world. So nothing should come through that fence. Even listening to the radio, this is restricted to certain channels. They want the people to be blind, deaf to the outside world, so that the people won’t know what is happening." p. 54.

All quotes above come from the report produced by the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Download it here: http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/HRBodies/HRCouncil/CoIDPRK/Report/A.HRC.25.63.doc