Empowers refugees by supporting their integration

“Learning English is important for North Korean refugees so they can share their own personal experiences. There are such a small number of North Koreans who are able to speak English, which doesn't help to increase awareness. However, the most important reason for refugees learning the language is for their children. Without knowing how to communicate in English, North Korean parents are not able to help their children."  Jihyun Park

Kyoyuk [‘education’ in Korean] is our refugee language support project. Designed to support, integrate and empower North Korean refugees, Kyoyuk operates in three different ways:

1) We hold 1-on-1 language classes for refugees in the New Malden area of London, which is where many of the UK’s North Korean refugees live.

2) We pair up North Korean refugees with volunteers to hold Skype conversation classes.

3) We redirect North Koreans to local charities which provide in-house classes to students when they can’t attend our classes.

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