Our work seeks to inform policies that lead to the improvement of human rights in North Korea. We achieve this through advocacy, providing practical policy advice, conducting informed research, and raising awareness on the key issues affecting North Koreans. We work alongside North Korean exiles and strategic partners to deliver human rights improvements for North Koreans.

Our Work

We undertake a range of private and public work that we believe to be crucial to the advancement of human rights in North Korea. In 2017, our work is focusing on transitional justice and forced labour.

Transitional Justice

In 2017, we'll be working with other organisations to establish a commission for transitional justice. Our paper, 'A Truth Commission for a Future North Korea', was released in January 2017. View and download it below.

Forced Labour

Working with Leiden University's LeidenAsiaCentre, we are investigating the scope of North Korean forced labour in the EU via the 'Slaves to the System' project. We seek to end the abuse of North Korean labourers through targeted advocacy. Visit the project's website for more information at www.slavestothesystem.eu